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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas season.

While you are reading this – take a moment to call 206-600-1771 and record a fresh promo for the station.

:Hi This is  _________ and you’re listening to ELVII Radio.”

We are just several weeks away from the Annual Elvis Extravaganza National Finals.  This is it’s 7th year in Tampa at the Florida State Fair.  I hope you’ll join us.  Fan VIP passes and performer slots are still available.

ETAs:  What are you doing to make 2014 your best year yet?  January 15 we’ll re-open signups for our individual and group coaching programs.  If you are not achieving the success you desire and, quite frankly, making the money that you should be making then one of these programs are for you.  In short, if you are not generating at least a six figure income from your efforts – then this should be the year you should change that.  If you are interested in learning more about the coaching programs just drop us an email.  What are your plans for 2014?  Tell us in the comment section below.  No plan?  Then you definitely need to get in touch with us.


Welcome Back…

Welcome to…this is the pre-launch phase.

Over the next 30 days we will doing all of the things necessary to get the station ready for the official broadcast launch on November 1st.  In the mean time – you can listen to the test stream which is very different from the official broadcast to come.  Right now the test stream i just automated ETA music from our library from the last 10 years.  Beginning November 1st live broadcasting will return with live dj hosted programming Monday-Friday 8a-8p and special programs on the weekends.

I like to call this ELVII 3.0.

In the past one of the biggest limitation in operating ELVII Radio was that it was before it’s time in this market.  When ELVII Radio first launched – there was no social media and many fans if they had internet at all were on WebTV or AOL (dialup!).  That’s all changed.  So much of the online experience is now enjoyed by users on mobile devices- tablets, smartphones etc- and email is at everyone’s fingertips rather than being checked if and when you remember to do it.  We feel that the market has finally caught up and it’s a good time to launch.  I’m most excited about how easy it is to take the station with you wherever you go – and even listen in your automobile.

For anyone that hasn’t experienced ELVII Radio before and may have experienced other tribute type “RADIO” stations online – you are in for a real treat.  ELVII Radio isn’t a jukebox that plays songs on demand.  It is a live streaming broadcast, hosted by real, live show hosts (dj’s) with fresh, up to date content daily (yes, we’ll be taking requests)- and of course the music of your favorite Elvis Tribute Artists.

During the pre-launch phase we will be reconnecting with past sponsors and reaching out to new ones.  We will be soliciting new music from ETAs.  We will also be offering  pre-launch specials on advertising that will never be repeated.

So stay tuned for more information as we put the finishing touches on things.